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Brand & Digital Presence Developemnt



Case Study

Brand & Digital Presence Developemnt


UnityFMRadio Entertainment

Branding / Web Design & Developemnt / App development

  • Brand identity overhaul that resonates with wider target audience
  • Dynamic, content driven website that facilitates users needs better
  • Connect radio to global userbase via mobile application stream
  • Dynamic content accross all platforms




UnityFM is the leading Islamic & cultural radio station in the West Midlands, UK. Offering a live curated content 24 hours a day to its approx 500,000 listeners.

The Problem


UnityFM had been broadcasting to its community for over 20 years and for the most part surviving on the same established, tired brand identity.

They needed to retain the existing userbase and yet ‘cast the net’ wider to tap into the youthful, growing, technology savvy audience.

The radio station wanted to harness the power of digital web technologies to further it’s influence and reach, and broaden its userbase.

Our Solution


We immediately recognised the problem would require a complete re-working of the brand from the offset. One that would take into consideration the new target audience needs and company desires before addressing any issue with the web presence and reach of the radio station.

The new brand needed to be aesthetically  pleasing enough to invite young design conscious audiences while maintaining the professional outlook that the appeals to its existing users.

The organisations new website would needed to be fresh, engaging, content driven and employ the use of various social media tools to keep users returning, not solely a platform to stream the live radio from.

Aside from improving convenience for users, a mobile application would allow its listeners to keep up-to-date with the radio stations activities and shows, all while spreading its reach globally.

What truly sets Stimulate apart is their dedication to understanding our unique needs as an Islamic radio station. They took the time to immerse themselves in our mission and values, which enabled them to tailor their solutions to perfectly align with our goals. This personalised approach has not only improved our digital presence but has also redefined the way we connect with our listeners.”

Nassar UnityFM Director


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