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Building Unshakable Foundations Within the Charitable Sector


Mercy ReliefNon-profit Organisation

Mercy Relief is a international non-profit organisation established to provide  specialist, targeted and urgently needed humanitarian aid to the people of Yemen.

+39,000% active online users in first year

Over 13,900% increase in online donations 

Highest performing UK-based charity in it’s specialist field


Brand development / Web Design & development / Ecommerce / Online Marketing

The worsening situation of the war in Yemen highlighted the need for urgent reform and to scale-up operations substantially and provide an increase in urgently needed humanitarian aid.


Mercy relief had been operational for over 10 years prior to Stimulate becoming a partner. During those 10 years it worked in a very low capacity with hardly any online fundraising activity.

Rethinking, Redesigning & Improving


After a some weeks of research into the charity, it’s current position in the market and the results it was achieving we needed to get started, we focused on several main angles

The lack of depth and identifiable features of the previous brand prompted us to to commence a rebranding exercise.  We identified an opportunity that was as simple as it was ambitious, to symbolically reference Quranic verses that would resonate with the target audience from within the brand itself, and ultimately expand it’s overall reach. Finally we introduced a colour schema that also had traditional reverences within the target audiences religious beliefs. This made the brand more emotionally relatable to the donors.

The seamless integration of online donation features has made it simpler than ever for our supporters to contribute to our cause. As a result, we have witnessed a substantial increase in the amount of donations received online, which directly translates into more resources to help those in need.


Muhammad Charity Director


Comprehensive Donor Acquisition Engine


To take advantage of the fast growing interest in Yemen based charities, we were required to act fast and and develop a robust donor management system that efficiently facilitated online donations while building a database of retargetable donor contacts.

User experience was the focus and at the heart of the project, as industry research suggested that most failed donations were due to online donation processes being overly complex and users being overwhelmed by information.

Our solution was aesthetically pleasing and in line with the forms and conventions required of a charitable website. It was easily navigated and provided an user friendly donation process and gave donors extensive control over their donations, without bloat or unnecessary complexities.

We cannot express our gratitude enough for the incredible work that Stimulate has done for Mercy Relief. Their web design and marketing services have not only transformed our online presence but also transformed the lives of countless individuals in need.”

Muhammad Charity Director

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