About Stimulate

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Stimulate is the Digital brainchild of Tom Passam, an established UX/UI, graphic and web designer that has worked across a wide range of sectors and platforms. Having worked for and alongside various small businesses over the past 17 years, Stimulate has watched the web evolve and change at every step along the way.

Right now, your online presence is your customers' primary experience in dealing with your company, so make it count. Your website is no longer just an advert for your brand, your brand is a web powered entity that fuels your business. Let us help you think digital first, and reimagine the way your business works.


We are at a pivotal point, with new standards such as HTML5, CSS3, Markdown and SAAS enabling faster, responsive and lightweight sites for every device. If your website is not optimised to these standards you could be left behind. New search algorithms rightly dictate that content and speed come first, and your position not only depends on this, but on the links and shares you receive.

Stimulate is here with a clear and focused approach, walking alongside your company to make sense of everything for you. We give you a no nonsense strategy on how to make your website and marketing campaigns work. Be it social media, content management, paid advertising and Adsense campaigns, link building, SEO or captivating design.

Give your customers the experience they deserve.

We look forward to working with you.